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About Us

We are Bruce and Wanda Curtis, fine art, wedding and lifestyle photographers. We are the owners and photographers of Imagine! Photography & Design and have been photographing weddings, portraits & events in the greater New York area since 1997. We have been married for 24 years, so we know what marriage is all about. We remember our own wedding as if it was yesterday. Still to this day, it has been the biggest event we have ever planned together and one of the happiest days in our lives. We take photographs that turn heads, evoke emotion, and tell a love story. We love natural light, creative details, sweet moments and genuine laughter. Capturing amazing images and serving our clients is our passion. We believe that because we are really in love, we are able to capture the love of our couples in a real way. We love bowling, traveling, coffee and our little beagle, Vega who just turned 5 years old.

Our passion is to show every subject in the best light possible. We shape our portraits to be beautiful and revealing while the documentary part of our work is hands off allowing the situations to shape the images thus creating truthful images full of real moments. We want our clients to be at ease because the best pictures happen when people feel free to be themselves! With every client uniquely different from the next we strive to know each client personally to create a photograph that reveals who they really are. With our unobtrusive approach to photographing we will create and capture those little moments that sometimes get overlooked.

We have had the honor of photographing weddings in all religions, races and nationalities. We've had the pleasure of traveling to different States and even the Caribbean to photograph. We specialize in wedding photography but also love photographing babies, children, families, pets and high school seniors. We love being married, photography and our clients. Once you have the opportunity to visit with us, you will immediately see the passion and love for what we do.

Feel free to contact us if you should have any questions or if you would like to make an appointment:
or call us at 518.348.1780

Imagine! what we can create for you!

Wanda's Bio: I love photographing for a living! When I was a little girl I remember bringing my first camera with me everywhere. I was always taking pictures of my friends and family members. Since opening in 1997 with my husband Bruce, I have attended many photography classes, training programs and seminars to learn more about photography and to strengthen my craft. I strive to be unique and creative in every job that I approach. On location when I photograph portrait sessions, I am very detail oriented and make sure everything is perfect before the camera's button is pressed. From women's hair to a child's clothes, I will make sure everything looks great! I make this promise to ALL my customers, I will do everything in my power to not only create and capture beautiful images for you but to let you experience a memorable time as well. If I can make my customers feel relaxed in front of my camera and show them how easy it is to capture their personality, then they will be more at ease and enjoy their session with me.

My name is Wanda... I am a professional photographer and I love my job! "Click You're it!"

Bruce's Bio: I have been photographing professionally for 26 years; believe it or not my first photography job was photographing school sports for a corporate photography company. I was 19 when I photographed my first wedding. I still feel that there is so much more to learn in photography and every day I am excited to try something new or be a little different than the day before. I always try to use humor to relax my customers in front of the camera. Anyone can pick up a camera and say they are a professional but I feel a true professional is someone who connects well with their subjects and is able to capture their true essence and personality. I have one goal in every photography job, and that is to WOW my clients with an image that they have never seen before. From weddings to children and families, I love photographing and I promise to spare no expense or stop at nothing to create absolutely beautiful images for my clients.

My name is Bruce... I am a professional photographer and I love my job! "Click You're it!"

We dedicate this page to our first baby, our beagle hound mix, Sugarbabe (1991 - 2009) who was a rescue dog. She was our first child and we miss her very much. In 2010 we opened up our hearts to save another little beagle, who we named Vega. She just turned 5 years old and has the run of the house. You can often find her at the studio working along with her mommy and daddy.


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